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     Living in a small town with big dreams! I grew up in Posey County Indiana. A small place outside of Evansville, IN. A place where everybody knows everybody. Art became my life when I was 14 years old. All throughout high school, I loved art and didn't like class work. So instead of taking notes, I would draw while the teacher gave class. I drew all day everyday.  I’ve always been my biggest critic. Throughout the beginning, I would push myself to get better and better. I would always acknowledge failures and learn from them. Each day I would try to ‘one-up’ myself from the day before. Time passed and my muscle memory grew. I seen the progression I was making, so I looked to the future!

     When I was 17 years old. My sister introduced me to a few tattoo artists at a party. I approached them with my art. And at that moment, IT ALL BEGAN. Becoming a tattoo artist is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. There's ups and downs and mistakes are permanent. April 12, 2016 is the day I became a licensed Tattoo Artist. Ever since then, I’ve been pushing myself to the max to become the best tattoo artist I can possibly be. I never stop pushing myself and I set big goals. All I want is for people to be happy. There is nothing like getting a kickass tattoo and feeling a new rush of confidence to take on the world with.

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